Qlikview custom color palette/scheme in script

Since I’ve started working with Qlikview apps for demos and pre-sale, it turned out that it’s very demanding to change colors to suite companies’ styles. So I’ve tried using custom color palette defined in script. It seems to be very easy to set up color scheme as variables in script and let user (sales-person) edit all colors in one place (this hint came from my friend Petr Škola).

Common workflow is as bellow:

  1. Set up reasonable color scheme / palette as variables
  2. Use these variables to define colors in Objects
  3. Change color in one place and see the magic

Script part looks like this:

//Set color variables
SET edittingMode = 0;

SET darkColor = RGB(44, 62, 80);
SET semiDarkColor =RGB(3, 70, 149);
SET mediumColor =RGB(41,128,185);
SET semiLightColor = RGB(137,192,228);
SET lightColor = RGB(236,240,241);

SET textLightColor = RGB(236, 240, 241);
SET textDarkColor = RGB(54,54,54);

SET backgroundColor = RGB(44,62,88);
SET foregroundColor = RGB(189,195,199);

SET grafDarkColor = RGB(44, 62, 80);
SET grafSemiDarkColor =RGB(3, 70, 149);
SET grafMediumColor =RGB(41,128,185);
SET grafSemiLightColor = RGB(137,192,228);
SET graflightColor = RGB(236,240,241);

SET grafR03MediumColor = RGB(220,220,0);
SET grafR03SemiLightColor = RGB(0,211,0);
SET grafR03lightColor =RGB(189,195,199);

Load * INLINE [


Color as a variable is set with this charming way:


One of my Qlikview app: