Think twice while working with Google Sites

As I mentioned before (Boost Google Forms) I have couple of tips for implementing Google Apps. This time I’m going to share some of them touching Google Sites. Google Sites is powerfull aplication enebling anyone create simple web site. Despite of the power under the hood, Sites can make you crazy in blink of an eye. I hope this little How To helps you manage your own Sites better.

Tip for today: “Start with BLANK template”

OK, let’s go! You have enter your Sites page and you think about new one. Click here and there and… new Site is ready.

But! Do you care about branding, unified look and feel? If so, you made your first mistake.

Never start “production” site (visible for end user) until you set up your templates first.

Never start “production” site (visible for end user) until you set up your templates first. Because the preinstalled themes are as coloful as ancient, try to deliver your users something more delightful :) It is pitty that it’s not possible to simply change css style sheet. We must do some workaround.

How to:

A) create new Site called Theme, completely without any template
B) style this blank page to be beautifull (change layout, add HTML box with some images, …)
C) do not add any content! You are creating only “look and feel” (lower is why)
D) once done, click on Manage and save page as template, name it like Default page (or whatever)


With this simple four steps we made our own Site template called Theme, that is nice to see. Why we did not add any content? Because content will be added right on Sites for end users. But why? Make your own Theme template is great, now you can assign Default page template to any new Site you will make. All of them will look unified, elegant.

What more? Once you change Theme site, the change will be pushed to every single site using Default page template. Even bigger changes will take you only couple of minutes instead of redesigning every page independently. Great, what do you think?